Lake Champlain and How We Got Here

McCaffrey and Cadieux Families in Burlington, Vermont

What's New (past 30 days)

27 Jan 2018
The number of persons in the database has been shrinking. That's because there have been a few duplicate records hanging out, mostly under assumed names. You never know how someone else is going to enter a record. But, I do know that "Jr." is not a "last name."

26 Jan 2018
Cemeteries fully implemented for everyone I have in the database. This is (I fervently hope!) not everyone who is deceased, just the ones I know about. If you are suggesting changes or additions, and you know the cemetery, just be sure the cemetery name is in their burial place:
CEMETERY NAME, City, County, ST, Country

20 Jan 2018
Cemeteries! This site's software includes good facilities for tracking memorial and burial sites. My primary information for burial sites is the excellent Find a Grave site, but it also comes from obituaries, death certificates, and other genealogical resources. My test bed for implementing cemeteries was Chittenden County, VT, since I have "on the ground" knowledge; I also worked on Malone's Saint Josephs Cemetery North since a number of ancestors are laid to rest there. Your knowledge of individual dispositions would be very helpful, too. Use the "Contact Us" link on any individual's page to let me know what you know. (When you look at a listing of cemeteries, you'll see a table heading under each one, but no information. I have not yet figured out how to trigger that report.)

You'll also notice that USA place names got longer. I've been geocoding for a while, and spent much time normalizing the master database (which came from several sources) so that each geographic place name has one, and only one, name. That also involved adding county names to all 950 or so placenames, including Canadian and European locations. It would have been much harder lacking two handy sources: Google Maps and Wikipedia. Butttt… I did not append "United States" to the domestic place names, which became a problem because every place name in this online resource was already geocoded! So, I had to go through every domestic site (over 500), and merge non-US labels with US labels. Geek fun? Probably not.

13 Jan 2018
Sources! Working on more detailed and richer presentation of source material. This has to be programmed into the site itself, but that's one great thing about databases: the content is already there, and I don't have to change every web page to change how each record is presented. Early fruits are already there, and I'll keep working on it.

31 Dec 2017
While this site was being mounted, I had it set to require registration. That meant anyone could see the front page (and the list of most common surnames), but needed to register before seeing anything else. Now that I know it's working, I've opened it up. If you are visiting the site, you will always be able to see genealogical information for persons who are deceased, and a "Living" box for living people. Registration allows you to see additional information, but how much is visible remains at my discretion.

12 Dec 2017
The Places menu now provides useful information, including "heat maps" that show the concentration of events in particular localities. For many "Places" searches, you can look below the map to see lists of individuals, couples, or families associated with those places. Click on a red place marker, and if you see an underlined place name, click it. Instant report!

Speaking of reports, I've defined several, including a couple of variant surnames lists ("McCaffrey" and "McCaffery") and a Westville collection. If you're interested in particular reports, let me know by clicking the "Contact Us" link in the Info menu.

29 Nov 2017
I use Reunion, by Leister Productions, as my main research database on my Mac. It generates GEDCOM files that are then uploaded to this site.

Reunion was just updated to v. 12, and now has a number of useful improvements. At least, they're useful to me!

The database now contains 5,072 persons, and counting.

Please note that this page is not yet "useful," until I figure out how to upload new information without changing the modified date on every record in the Web database!