Lake Champlain and How We Got Here

McCaffrey and Cadieux Families in Burlington, Vermont


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1  BRIGHAM, Laurie Anne (I338)
2  GRUPE, George (I342)
3  Family F38
4 (based on birthdate of Niles J.) Family F38
5 (presumed) WHALEN, Anna J. (I995)
6 (private) MURPHREE, Bruce Kevin (I841)
7 101 Garfield Place WECHSLER, Samuel (I608)
8 11 Barrett Street. House is still there CADIEUX, Gustave Joseph (I1268)
9 12 Stratton Road GARROW [GARRANT], Charles W (I1038)
10 164 Commonwealth Ave MCCAFFREY, Louis John (I1974)
11 184 So. Champlain St. Ward 5 WHALEN, Anna J. (I995)
12 234 West Main St BOWEN, Lorraine Erma (I2326)
13 373 Rutland St CONNELLEY, Margaret (I548)
14 41 Maplewood Ave (died at home) MCCAFFREY, Mary Carroll (I1229)
15 45.37358, -74.63375 SMITH, Isabella (I1827)
16 ? Huguenot migration FORCE, Matthew (I616)
17 ? Huguenot migration PALMER, Elizabeth (I617)
18 a.k.a. North Church Cemetery STIGER, William (I562)
19 a.k.a. “Cemetery of the Holy Cross” MARRAH, Thomas J (I549)
20 a.k.a. “New Saint Marys Cemetery” MCCAFFREY, Donald P (I1155)
21 Accident leading to death SINCLAIR, Caroline Helen (I824)
22 according to account by fellow prisoner COOK, Col. Donald Gilbert (I1380)
23 Address noted as 9 Foster St. at marriage
Address noted as 265 Flynn Ave. at Wm. Andre's birth 1937 
GIROUX, Michael Joseph (I1042)
24 Address noted as 9 Foster St. at marriage. GIROUX, Mary Anna (I1349)
25 Address noted as 9 Foster St. when marr. in 1920 GIROUX, Michael Joseph (I1042)
26 Address noted as 96 Foster St. at time of marriage. GIROUX, Leo Joseph (I1339)
27 Address noted as 96 Foster St. when wife Belanise d. 1945 GIROUX, Joseph (II) (I446)
28 After year of son’s birth? SAMSON, Jean (I4558)
29 Age given as 22yrs 9mos 28days. No cause of death given.


EVA GELINAS -- Eva R. Gelinas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ClarenceGelinas of 18 Cherry st., died at her home at 6:25 last evening, aged 22years, 10 months and 28 days. She is survived by her father and mother,seven sisters, Gladys, Dorothy, Leona, Loretta, Marjorie, Viola andThelma, and two brothers, Clarence and Alfred, all of 18 Cherry street.The funeral arrangement has not been completed.


The funeral of Eva Gelinas will be held at 10:30 o’clock thismorning at St. Mary’s Cathedral instead of at nine o’clock.


The funeral of Eva Gelinas was held yesterday morning at 10:30 atthe Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the Rev. T. J. Liddyofficiating. Burial was in St. Joseph’s cemetery. The bearers wereEdmund Sumner, Allen Sumner, Frederick Blondin, Charles Gelinas, RaymondPlouffe, and Milo Lawrence. There were many beautiful flowers, amongthem being a wreath from the Mead Manufacturing company and a bouquet ofcarnations from the Excelsior club. 
GELINAS, Eva Rose (I73)
30 Alexis and Louis Giroux were twin brothers b 8-17-1702 GIROUX, Alexis (I1508)
31 Alice Hyde Nursing Home MCCAFFREY, Bernard T (I1154)
32 Alma was the "informant" on her mother Hannah's death cert. in 1932. MCCAFFREY, Alma E (I1095)
33 Also known as Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery WESCHLER [WECHSLER], DeWitt Erwin (I1114)
34 Also known as “Saint-Henri-de-Lévis” and historically as “Saint-Henri-de-Lauzon” Family F884
35 Although Theresa and Robert Cadieux were divorced, they lived near one another in Vero Beach and remained close. LEFEBVRE, Theresa Rose (I331)
36 An obituary from a Montreal newspaper is undated. It states he died atage 29 yrs 2 mos. of injuries received in recent WWI. Mentions his widowAline Gagne, his father Amedee, brother Egide, brother-in-law JosephGagne and unknown others. CORBEIL, Amedee (I4605)
37 Appears to have sued the rest of the family in 1893. Supreme Court granted a judgment on 10 Jan 1894 requiring that James and Caroline, along with other named defendants, sell a parcel of land at auction to satisfy the judgment. MCCAFFREY, William James (I826)
38 Arterio Sclerosis; Enlarged Prostate; age 72 years -- months -- days SHERIDAN, James (I1230)
39 At his 1920 marriage, Clarence listed as candymaker, living at 46 CherrySt. Think they moved to Massachusetts soon after marrying. GELINAS, Clarence Charles (I80)
40 at his brother in law’s home DUFFY, Phillip (I1619)
41 at home THERRIEN, Lucille (I237)
42 at home NEWBOUER, Mathllda (I609)
43 at home WECHSLER, Aaron (I667)
44 at home MURPHREE, Bruce Kevin (I841)
45 at home HANDLIN, Johanna “Hannah” (I1091)
46 at home GARROW, William Herbert Sr (I3412)
47 at home BEGOR, Mary Myrtle (I4950)
48 at home “in great distress” WECHSLER, Joseph (I627)
49 At son Phillip W.’s home MCCAFFREY, Mary (I1656)
50 At that time, the surname was spelled "Verieul" and so signed for several following generations. VERIEUL, Nicolas (I1334)

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